Epoch Series: Quinc x Epocha

Posted on 27 January 2017

Bringing the 70’s funk with millennial vintage, our very own, Quinc, shows us how to put together the unexpected. Whether chilling with friends, going to a concert or catching happy hour, Quinc brings the Epocha style to each atmosphere.
Jacket: Members Only
Pair together these Pumas with a fresh throwback fit. Color code: Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Jean.
Top: Big Mike “Cotton” Flannel
Bottom: Space 137 Vintage Guess Overall’s
Southern cool guy. Large overalls and Timberland boots. New York with a country twang. Color code: Jean, Orange, Green, Coffe Brown, Nude.
All black at the white shows? Possibly, or you can add a little color to your black on black K-Swiss. Color code: Burnt Orange, black, Mustard Yellow.


Written by Macahl Jett & Grace Bell 

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